CONCISE besar(English-Chinese Chinese-English)

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CONCISE besar(English-Chinese Chinese-English) 3 3

Judul : CONCISE besar(English-Chinese Chinese-English)
Penulis : Martin Manser
Penerbit : China Books

Deskripsi :

This is an extremely handy and popular pocket sized dictionary, with pinyin being used throughout. The dictionary contains a radical index, a consonants and vowels appendix, and key words for English phonetic symbols for those using the dictionary to learn English.
Thousands of additional words and phrases reflect scientific and technological, innovation, as well as changes in politics, economics, culture and society. In particular, many new usages and meanings, which have entered the Chinese language as result of China's reform and opening-up policy over the last two decades, have been included in the Chinese-English sections of the dictionary. The English-Chinese section provides additional guidance on difficult points of grammar and on American orthography and pronunciations.