Hasbro Gaming Peeing Pup

IDR 170,000.00
Hasbro Gaming Peeing Pup 3 3
- Pass the Pup: the suspense builds as players pass the puppy in this "Hot potato" Game.
- Cute get-wet pet: players take turns holding the Pup, Petting him until he barks 3 times. Then it's time to pass the Pup around, but watch out! Someone will get sprayed while holding him.
- Stay dry to win: the only player who doesn't get peed on by the Pup wins the game.
- Easy and fun kids' Game: This hilarious and unpredictable kids' Game is easy to play and can generate lots of laughs. It makes a great indoor activity to play with preschoolers ages 4 and up.
- Makes a great gift: consider the peeing pup game for a circle time activity, or as a fun birthday or holiday gift for kids ages 4 and up.