Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment

IDR 2,020,000.00
Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment 3 3

Child-friendly assessment that teachers can use with their pupils in a one-to-one situation. A pack of carefully developed materials have been created to provide an easy and quick method of assessing children’s decoding and comprehension knowledge. Suitable for use with children aged 4-6 years old, this can be used as a phonics screening check resource or by individual teacher’s to ensure that no child gets left behind.

Split into two sections, the Jolly Phonics Reading Assessment provides:
- 2 Reading Tests for word reading and sentence reading
- 2 Supplementary Tests for letter sound plus tricky words and aural comprehension

All items are contained in an A4 folder and include the following:

* 24 page manual – support and guidance for teachers on how to implement the assessments
* Photocopiable pupil record sheets
* Word reading and sentence reading colour sheets
* Letter sounds and tricky word assessment colour sheets