Mac B., Kid Spy #3: Top Secret Smackdown Hardcover

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Mac B., Kid Spy #3: Top Secret Smackdown Hardcover 3 3

Judul :Mac B., Kid Spy #3: Top Secret Smackdown Hardcover
Penulis :Mac Barnett
Penerbit :Orchard Books

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Mac B. is on a madcap adventure in this New York Times bestseling series! This time a stolen raven threatens to topple the Queen... and it's up to Mac to smackdown his KGB rival once and for all!
Ravens have been stolen from the Tower of London! Mac B.'s top-secret mission? Travel to Iceland and retrieve the ravens... or Britain is ruined! In Iceland, Mac discovers secret submarines, hungry polar bears, mysterious blueprints... and his old archnemesis! Is the KGB man behind this birdnapping? Can Mac get the ravens to safety? It's time for an epic, top secret smackdown between these two secret agents! With full-color illustrations on every page and fascinating historical facts woven throughout, this series offers adventure, intrigue, absurdity, history, and humor. Catch the latest in the totally smart and sidesplittingly funny series, Mac B., Kid Spy.