The Christmas Wish (An Anthology)

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The Christmas Wish (An Anthology) 3 3

Judul: The Christmas Wish (An Anthology)
Penulis: Nora Roberts
Penerbit: Silhouette Books


All I Want for Christmas Identical twin boys Zeke and Zach want only one gift from Santa this year: a new wife for their lonely single dad, Mac Taylor, a builder who fixes things up in their small town. But convincing their love-wary dad that their music teacher, Nell Davis, is not only part of Santa's plan but Mac's soul mate isn't quite as easy as they'd hoped... First Impressions When Vance Banning moves to rural Maryland, all he wants is peace and quiet. The last thing he needs is his outspoken--yet infuriatingly sexy--neighbor, a beautiful woman named Shane Abbott, getting into his business. But he has no idea how determined Shane is when it comes to giving a helping hand--or a loving heart