The Grammar 1 Handbook

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The Grammar 1 Handbook 3 3

The Grammar 1 Handbook is designed to follow The Phonics Handbook. It provides extensive photocopiable material and a wealth of practical advice for teaching children in their second school year.

The Grammar 1 Handbook is intended to:
• introduce the basic elements of grammar,
• teach spelling systematically
• develop dictionary skills
• improve vocabulary and comprehension,
• reinforce the teaching in The Phonics Handbook, and
• extend the children's phonic knowledge.

As part of the Jolly Phonics programme, the teaching is multisensory, active and progresses at a challenging pace. It places emphasis on consolidating the children's learning and helping them to apply their skills. Each part of speech is taught with its own action and colour. The actions enliven the teaching and make the learning easier. The colours, which are useful for identifying parts of speech in sentences, match those used by Montessori Schools. Like The Phonics Handbook, The Grammar 1 Handbook provides all the essential teaching ideas. It can either be used alone or with the valuable support of the Grammar 1 Big Book. The programme continues in the third school year with The Grammar 2 Handbook.
This second edition introduces the use of the letter «y» for the sound /ee/ at the end of words like 'happy' and 'story'. This spelling feature is also introduced in the Jolly Phonics Yellow Readers (Level 2).
The pages are slightly wider than A4 so that copies can be made without showing the binding